Facilitation: Technical facilitation for front line Aviation Teams

Bringing together global delegates from BP, Concentric Consulting designed and delivered annual forums to establish consistent commercial processes and standards worldwide.


Exchanging expertise and aligning best practice

Around the world, BP had 80 aircraft in the air every day, transporting around 3000 people. In a year, BP would fly 100,000 hours, all handled by front line regional teams within the Aviation Authority work stream. BP understood the value of sharing regional expertise, processes and standards with the aviation community.

Concentric was trusted to design and deliver four annual three-day forums attended by up to 55 delegates from over 12 global locations.

The initial session was designed to build the sense of team. It was the first chance for the global Aviation community to come together to get to know each other, exchange technical knowledge. Specifically, to build and agree a roadmap for actions in support of transitioning to a Global Aviation Community of Practice.


Balancing technical alignment with community networking

Concentric began the process with a deep dive into BP’s fundamental issues including regional variations in processes. It was clear that the forum would need to cover detailed technical discussion as well as more natural opportunities to learn and share.

Using this insight and background, Concentric designed a series of break-out sessions where the Aviation Authorities could share an overview of their Regional environments. Concentric supported the preparation by designing pre-work which allowed each of the Authorities to capture their risks, opportunities and request or offers of support. The sessions were interactive as the overviews were shared using highly visible posters which the team could engage with, share knowledge through-out their time together.

This resulted in an interactive and focused agenda which supported the three-day Aviation forum. Concentric worked in collaboration with both the senior functional team plus each of the 12 Regions which ensured alignment on objectives, and expectations on outcomes. The success was the agreement and sign off on the draft Global Aviation Community of Practice.


Engagement and alignment of Global Aviation Community

With Concentric’s help, the forums brought the community together and instilled alignment of the Aviation service provision within BP. Focusing on standards and processes in particular, creating the understand and agreement to deliver the globally Aviation requirements in a consistent and compliant way.

As a result of the first workshop, a ‘One Team Approach’ Global Aviation Community was formed. Also it was recognised that due to Concentric’s successful facilitation and design support, it did result in the Aviation Authorities having transparency of risk and a vehicle to delivering a consistent set of Global standards and guidelines to drive improved performance.

Concentric’s facilitation played a vital role in a shift to treating events as opportunities for shared learning – resulting in assured processes and operation of Aviation services.


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