Facilitation: Providing valued and trusted facilitation for more than a decade

For the past 12 years, Concentric Consulting has been trusted to deliver KPC and Shell biannual business opportunity development meetings and specific workshops for this OPEC NOC.


Supporting a partnership between KPC and Shell

Concentric facilitates KPC/Shell strategic business collaboration opportunity discussions.

Concentric’s success is in creating the right environment for these two complex global organisations to come together to collaborate, share experiences, technical expertise, build strong relationships and to ultimately explore potential opportunities.

Concentric has been trusted to provide the strategic facilitation of these meetings for the past 12 years, bringing an agility and personal approach that only comes from a strong and supported relationship with each of the senior executive team members.


From designing and facilitating the business opportunity development program to specific focus workshops

Concentric’s work for KPC and Shell is extensive – facilitating not just the business program itself, but also one-off workshops to meet unexpected requirements and challenges.

Facilitating the business opportunity development program

The knowledge exchange program is underpinned by working with strategic groups, facilitating communication between the steering committee, country opportunity coordinators, commercial and project teams. The business program calls for collaboration in areas including upstream, energy security, human resources, strategy, planning and Government.

Concentric facilitates the business opportunity development program beginning with a desktop review of actions and outcomes from the past 6-months principle meetings. This information is used to draft the agenda and design the session. Calls are then held with principles from KPC and Shell, prioritising focus areas and informing the final agenda. This typically includes:

  • Setting priorities and targets for the business opportunity program
  • Providing updates on progress and operating structures
  • Sharing the technical advice
  • Establishing success factors and agreeing an approach to moving collaboration forward
  • Next steps and a plan for the next six months

Concentric also gathers the outcomes of each session for a final report to each organisation’s principles.

Additional Workshops

As a result of Concentric’s valued work on the MOU, Shell KPC has also held a series of specific workshops over the past 12 years, including:

  • Kuwait Gasification Scoping Study
  • Champions Re-Engagement Session
  • Nansha Oil Field Alignment Workshop
  • KPC / Shell Project Opportunity Funnel, Joint Steering Committee


A trusted consultancy for Shell KPC

Over the years, Concentric has created a space in which two business cultures can communicate effectively, align their priorities, and work together to progress new and existing business.

For KPC Shell, Concentric’s facilitation manages the two different cultures, prepares all parties, coaches individuals, and sets the stage for positive business outcomes.


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