Change Management: Managing transformational change in delivering rail infrastructure works

Recognised as specialist change managers in the rail sector, Concentric Consulting supported the S&C North Alliance project in an innovative new change strategy for collaboration, cost saving and integration of new technology for track renewal programs.


Achieving collaboration, savings and safety improvements

With a partnership to renew Switch & Crossings (S&C) on major cross-country routes, Amey and rail infrastructure company Rhomberg Sersa needed to align their strategy and vision for implementing new technology and ways of working to support a more effective and efficient was to renew and repair track.

Working with the senior team Concentric helped the team align on the need to deliver of 5 key business work streams:

    1. Operational efficiencies (including commercial accuracy)
    2. Safety validation,
    3. Training & Competence
    4. People (including behaviours and cultures)
    5. Communication & engagement (including development)

Driven by a 90-Day Change Program, Concentric was trusted to manage this process, bringing specialist experience and a proven track record of bringing about sustainable change.


Planning and managing the large-scale change

Reviewing the strategy

Drawing on Concentric’s experience of introducing effective change programmes into complex project environments, it was essential to work with the senior management team in reviewing the Alliance’s current strategy. This ensured clarity around the size, urgency and commitment for adopting and making the change happen.

Developing a plan for change

Concentric worked with the senior management team to establish a core project group with influential and available leaders for each of the 5 work streams. Essential to drive the pace and ultimately deliver the size of change required within the 90-day plan was the creation of a positive, can-do environment. Establishing clear, workable change plans defined and owned by the influential work stream leads was also a key support area where Concentric provided guidance and best practice to help test the do ability of each plan. Agreeing a governance structure with the team was key as it allowed the team to monitor progress and meet the desired outcomes.

Launching change to 400 staff

To launch the change program, Concentric facilitated roadshows in three major depots, reaching around 400 staff members in total. With our coaching, the core team were able to deliver briefings and ensure that expectations were managed while commitments were captured.


A new approach to S&C renewals

The S&C North Alliance project reflects a step-change in the rail infrastructure industry. The most efficient and innovative track renewal methods from Continental Europe meet the UK’s engineering excellence and network knowledge.

The impact of the change program resulted in:

  • S&C renewals delivered in only eight hours, reducing the duration of network possessions
  • Fewer workers on-site, reducing risk
  • Less disruption to the railway network for S&C renewals
  • Unprecedented cost savings

With our trusted support, S&C Northern Alliance achieved desired change that the team could own and sustains future improvements.


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Change Management
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