Performance Excellence: Equipping BG to deliver leading maintenance and operations practices

Understanding the need for performance optimisation, BG trusted Concentric to develop and deliver valuable engineering improvement processes.


Helping to create a great operating company

To achieve Performance Excellence, BG needed competent leaders, the right people, and the right process. This would deliver production optimisation and reduce costs while improving integrity, performance and compliance.

Initially, this involved understanding existing performance standards across global assets, teams, and the business, establishing a benchmark that could be used as a foundation for exploring improvements and Performance Excellence methodologies.

Concentric was trusted to create the space in which a standard for performance could be agreed between stakeholders, which would later be used to guide and sustain long-term Performance Excellence.


An innovative approach to embedding Performance Excellence

Concentric’s Performance Excellence program took the form of biannual forums across three years, using a structured process of scoping, diagnostics, improvement planning, implementation and sustainability, interspersed with senior leader review and engagement sessions.

    1. Scoping
      Using an understanding of organisational strategy and culture alongside extensive experience, Concentric distilled the critical success factors for the program and the extent of the scope. This was used to design the investigation, results analysis, areas of improvement, and an implementation plan that ensured ownership and delivery of new or sustained ways of working.
    2. Diagnostics
      Concentric undertook structured interviews with keys stakeholders from each asset, generating performance, resource, financial, and capability data while identifying issues and opportunities. The experience and insight within BG and the knowledge of technical experts clarified what was working and what required improvement. This was mapped with key operations processes in a series of workflow plans that set out where Excellence principles needed to be integrated with Group functions, which were owned and required expert delivery.
    3. Improvement Plan Process
      Following the research, process mapping exercises, and the initial forum, managing the change and driving compliance in a short time frame would require expert teams and advice made available to support the global asset teams. New technology and 24-hour technical assistance was therefore made available with regional engineering and management reporting forums to guide, manage and measure progress. Each of the nine global assets were able to benchmark current excellence and identify requirements for improvement.
    4. Sustainability
      To own and drive the new efficiencies, Concentric facilitated the formation of an Operating Board. This Board managed a specialist core team, 21 ‘element champions’, and community leaders. Concentric project managed this team to provide governance and the vehicle to manage the implementation, assurance, timelines, owners, and KPIs of the performance Excellence program.

The Key Principles for achieving OPs & Maintenance Excellence were:

  • Demonstrative leadership to challenge & improve compliance
  • Sustainable, proactive processes to ensure technical integrity
  • Operations at optimum reliability, ensuring risks are known, understood and managed
  • Lifecycle spend is at the optimum to deliver reliable operations
  • Productivity increased through identifying and reducing maintenance inefficiencies
  • Competent leaders and people where in a culture of simplicity, accountability and delivery
  • The right people, had the right skills with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Clearly defined, complied with a measured processes of delivery and review
  • Continuous improvement as an approach and way of working


Improved production optimisation from aging assets using collaborative multi-disciplinary working including:

  • Improved production at a relatively low cost
  • Comprehensive and digestible production standards and guides
  • A production performance and forecasting team to assist assets
  • Production Optimisation teams created as required to deliver immediate value
  • BG regional production meetings set up to support assets
  • Targeted maintenance at an asset and equipment level
  • A new attitude of expecting the unexpected and fixing forever, not forever fixing

Over three years, BG saw a step change in assets performance through improvement in collaborative working approaches, delivering the Excellence vision.


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Performance Excellence 3-year Program

Performance Excellence
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