One to One Executive Coaching: Enhancing the potential & empowerment of managers and leaders

Already valued to deliver effective facilitation, change and program management, Concentric Consulting works closely with executives on one-to-one coaching that unlocks their potential.


Supporting improved changes in behaviour and thinking

Concentric’s executive coaching is often requested by executives themselves who have been part of a successful change programme, or by senior managers that have identified additional coaching for a member of their leadership team.

Briefs include:

  • The need to accelerate a manger’s development into a leadership role
  • Encouraging individuals to lead by example and support their teams in professional and personal development
  • Helping senior leaders think and plan strategically and manage business risk
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills by exploring behaviours and recognising self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions
  • Defining the complex relationship between individual performance and business results


Creating a safe environment for exploration

Concentric begins by establishing a Client position, ensuring they have clarity on the number and duration of sessions that may be required, as well as exploring client needs, expectations and comfort levels. Through this, the team can design a bespoke method for raising, discussing, and overcoming key issues – one that’s tailored to the individual, a critical factor in success.

What remains consistent is Concentric’s ability to stimulate self-development by offering a safe environment to discover and clarify ways of working, all led by the client individual themselves.


An ongoing process of self-development

The outcomes of executive coaching vary from greatly increased leadership ability, outstanding performance in a new position of seniority to a better work-life balance. Concentric’s clients are given the tools for self-development and a new framework for their thinking, empowering them to deliver to their full potential.

For a business, this translates into increased performance, productivity, and delivery on your strategic goals.

“Linda’s ability in our one to one coaching sessions to activity listen and translate my challenges into practical and realistic ideas was invaluable.” – HR Director, BP


Senior Executives


Infrastructure Engineering, Oil & Gas, Transportation



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