Meeting Effectiveness: Delivering efficiencies in frontline communication using practical processes, tools & changing behaviours

Concentric Consulting designed and delivered services to improve the effectiveness of shift handover meetings, specifically focusing on technical, safety risks and priorities. The result was the PRIDE briefing process: Prepare; Right people skills; Involve; Do the job; Evaluate.


Making Balfour Beatty Rail renewal works effective

When Balfour Beatty Rail (BTR) needed to grow the skills of people responsible for renewal work delivery, it was essential that a structured, consistent way of communicating and briefing project statuses in real time was established.

Concentric was trusted to design and pilot a fit-for-purpose briefing programme and deliver the process across the organisation.


Mitigating the risk of disruption by efficient communication

Introducing a new communication process is a difficult one, influenced by established ways of working, 24-hour shift working and individual behaviours. Managing this in BTR required a thought-out approach that people could get behind – and one that would also deliver real value for money.

Phase 1: Investigation and Project Scoping

Engaging stakeholders at every level, Concentric conducted a range of focus group meetings with supervisors and engineers, as well as one-to-one interviews with key members of the operations team – from all levels in the organisation.

This research, along with technical insight from attendance at relevant BTR briefing sessions and a review of existing documentation, informed the design of a briefing training programme (PRIDE) that would act as a positive learning experience and achieve ownership from all the team.

Phase 2: Design and Testing

To reduce the risks associated with change, Concentric worked closely with key stakeholders in designing the training, then rigorously tested every element in the line. This would guarantee that staff would initiate consistent high quality works, implemented in a safe, timely, and efficient way.

In the design Concentric:

  • Held one-to-one sessions with key team influencers to test material
  • Ran focus group with a cross-section of the team to validate training goals
  • Undertook the review and production of a draft workbook
  • Oversaw the draft and design of a live rail track possession Poster/Board
  • Linked all staff communication performance to Personal Development Reviews
  • Monitored completed PRIDE tracking sheets to measure and refine these materials

In the testing, Concentric:

  • Carried out a training pilot with the core BTR group
  • Reviewed and amended documentation and delivered a rollout plan
  • Developed the training content and workbook support materials

This structured process ultimately led to eight full day sessions held twice every week, with 8 delegates per session.


More effective briefings for safer, better organised rail renewals

Since the PRIDE Briefing Process was implemented, Concentric has analysed the outcomes using a series of questionnaires and review of safety records leading to:

  • A reduction in accidents and incidents
  • A reduction in complaints from London Underground Station Staff
  • A reduction in issues recorded in wash up meetings concerning changes to the method or sequence of work
  • A significant reduction in the number of issues arising from BTR Possessions

The team called it “a smart way of working, giving clear direction on how to do things correctly step-by-step.”


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London Underground Rail Infrastructure


Meeting Effectiveness

Meeting Effectiveness
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