Unlock the real potential in your people. Our innovative Performance Excellence program identifies and delivers the right tools for improving performance.

Give Teams What They Need to Thrive

For teams and leaders to perform at their best, a range of different things need to align. To achieve Performance Excellence, it takes the right team culture, ownership, communication, and collaboration.

At Concentric Consulting, our bespoke Performance Excellence program delivers proven results in behaviours, collaboration, operational and, commercial efficiency. All developed using a foundation of inspired leadership and a thirst for continuous improvement.


Our approach is to recognise and celebrate existing good practice, while motivating people to achieve their own potential – and, in turn, organisational success.

We deliver this through a structured four phase program:

    1. Scoping: We work to truly understand your objectives and outcomes, scoping the project accordingly
    2. Diagnostic: We use diagnostic tools to highlight best practice and uncover the root cause of performance limitations,
    3. Improvement Plan Definition: Covering governance, cadence, outcomes, metrics, and action plan, which people recognise, own and can deliver against
    4. Implementation: We facilitate delivery improvement with client teams, creating real ownership, real-time tracking of all improvements, and delivering tangible efficiencies

Our program provides real-time improvements supported by the tool kit to sustain and measure Performance Excellence.

It’s a trusted approach that delivers value by:

  • A culture for greater efficiencies through consistent, integrated ways of working
  • An engaged leadership team that owns and endorses a culture of Performance Excellence
  • The tool kit to support Performance Excellence
  • A framework for continuous improvement

We’ve delivered our innovative Performance Excellence program across a wide range of industries, and even been nominated for several industry awards. This is testament to the quality of the program itself, but also our ability to tailor the program to varied clients and challenges.

That’s why more than 80% of clients tell us that Performance Excellence delivered real value in key areas like commercial alignment, program delivery, collaboration, and communication.

Concentric's program provides real-time improvements supported by the tool kit to sustain and measure Performance Excellence.

Over 80% of all Performance Excellence clients thought the program delivered value in their organisation.

What our clients say

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