Make your meetings effective and add more value in less time. Our bespoke, interactive meeting effectiveness program upskills and embeds good practice with your meeting owners.


According to Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics, managers spend at least a third of their working week in meetings – and 25-50% of that time is considered wasted. It’s not just a drain on motivation and time, but a very real financial cost to the business.

At Concentric Consulting, we combine practical tools and real business scenarios to embed good practice, designed to increase meeting effectiveness by 30% in any organisation.

More effective and valuable meetings

Equipped with an insight into the good, the bad, and where the most valuable improvements could be made, we’ll design and deliver a bespoke, innovative two-part learning program. Reinforcing practical meeting tools and introducing real business scenarios to practice skills and behaviours. We’ll increase the performance of the people that lead and contribute to your meetings.


With the scale of the burden than ineffective meetings place on an organisation, our meeting effectiveness programs pay for themselves through:

  • Cost reduction – less wasted time, less travel, and lower accommodation expenses
  • Efficiency Gains – effective outcomes, effective people management, and increased productivity
  • Human Factors – an empowered, confident workforce with increased morale – leading to better staff retention and a better work/life balance
  • Effective real time decision makers
  • Greater understanding and ownerships of outcomes
  • Increased behavioural collaboration
  • KPI measurement of meeting performance
Concentric combine practical tools and real business scenarios to embed good practice, delivering a step change in meeting efficiencies.

Our learning program has an 88% average client satisfaction rate and promises 30% increased meeting effectiveness in your organisation.

What our clients say

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