Empower teams to make high-quality decisions in support of your key objectives. Our facilitation brings structure to their interactions, inspires honest conversation, and aligns plans, goals and minds, face-to-face or in a virtual environment.


When people are tasked to work together, they come with their own values, beliefs, and interests. These are always unique – and at times opposing. Bringing about your desired outcomes means discussing and navigating these differences, arriving at the shared ambition to achieve a common goal.

At Concentric Consulting, we design focused workshops face-to-face or in a virtual environment, adopting a rich set of tools and techniques to build stimulating, creative environments that foster positive dialogue.


Our philosophy is to act as Interpreters between different parties, bridging the gap between their own ambitions and those of the wider team and organisation.

Often, this means challenging ideas and encouraging people to move beyond simply stating their own position. From a foundation of honesty and transparency, people can rise above narrow goals and constrained perspectives to arrive at a shared and compelling vision.

Concentric's design-focused workshops adopt a rich set of tools and techniques to build stimulating, creative environments that foster positive dialogue.

Through our facilitation, stakeholders can define shared goals and gain a mutual understanding of the different perspectives and priorities at work.

This results in:

  • Clarity of vision and agreement around desired outcomes
  • Ownership and agreement of goals and targets by the Client
  • More informed decision-making with the advantage of everyone’s perspective
  • A more collaborative and inclusive process
  • A practical road map for the successful delivery of those outcomes
  • Buy-in from all parties involved in the process
  • An opportunity to support the delivery of the plan

We support international organisations in Engineering, Oil and Gas, and Government, providing facilitation expertise to everyone from front-line teams to senior executives.

For the past 10 years, we’ve earned the privilege of being lead facilitators for an MoU between CEOs and VPs of National and International oil companies and rail infrastructure and utility companies in the EU and UK. Our continued support helps gain real alignment around complex business opportunities, key decisions, understanding different cultural perspectives and allowing every member to be heard and considered.

We have facilitated workshops and forums for up to 250 people in 15 countries. Our video teleconference facilitation has reached over 10,000 people across one company in one week.

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