Keep your individuals, team, and business delivering their potential. Our coaching refreshes skills and enriches relationships.


In business, standing still is not an option. It’s only by embracing a spirit of continuous growth through the development of people and teams that both can truly thrive. In our experience, this takes the unique combination of internal motivation and the right external stimuli.

At Concentric Consulting, we create ways to build and improve skills, creating a shift in mindset – and, in turn, performance.


Working with individuals or teams, we develop close, trusting relationships and a useful two-way dialogue. We’ll listen to the needs, priorities, and beliefs of the people within your organisation, but also challenge, interpret, and question those ideas to consider the alternatives.

Importantly, we’re agile enough to offer the right approach for a given individual or team, whether this is one-to-one, in teams, or through executive coaching.

Linda's ability to actively listen and translate my challenges into practical and realistic ideas was invaluable.

Short-term or long-term, our coaching creates a safe environment for personal review, learning and ownership of potential change.

It’s an effective way to:

  • Help individuals and teams become more self-aware
  • Learn new skills and practically apply them in the workplace
  • Encourage personal change with a focus on business performance

We’re a team of highly experienced coaches, working one-to-one and in team settings for executives from F100 & Fortune 500 companies.

We take a goal-focused approach, but leave room for creative directions to emerge and for programs to be designed around the people within them. We understand the importance of tracking learning benefits and measuring the value of coaching for an organisation. All with clear contracts and boundaries to avoid dependency.

Creating unique experiences to help individuals and teams achieve their full potential every day.

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