Change is the only certainty. Our change management approach transforms behaviours, ways of working, and processes to improve individual and business performance.

Change Keeps Business Leaders Up At Night

When it comes to change, there’s a lot to consider. How will the workforce react? How will their leadership need to shift? How will people work together? The impact of change on individuals and teams shouldn’t be underestimated.

At Concentric, we consider change holistically – how it is affected by values, identity, and company culture – and how transformation can become an opportunity to grow.

Proactively plan for change

Our approach looks at existing behaviours and processes, and how each of these contribute to the required change. The key is to align the whole team around common goals, enabling individuals to contribute and feel valued, ensuring the changes are owned.

With Concentric's guidance our change management program set the foundations for sustainable transformation, growth and ownership by individuals and teams.
Measurable Business Change

Through our change management approach, we set the foundations for sustainable change, growth, and success.

Change management includes:

  • A program for change that’s owned and aligned with the wider company strategy
  • Effective risk management
  • Clear communication and engagement of stakeholder’s teams and end users
  • Measurable results with detailed change impact assessments
Our Delivery of Change

Our wide range of clients planned or underwent a unique process of change. From implementing new technology to rethinking established processes, our adaptive, agile approach has delivered sustainable change time and time again.

Concentric’s change programs delivered both ‘practical’, ‘progressive’ and innovative solutions. Our approach challenges managers to adopt the skills and tools that deliver successful and sustainable change.

70% of change programs fail.
Concentric has an 80% success rate of supporting sustainable change.

What our clients say

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