Concentric support GKN Automotive to deliver real and dynamic business growth

Our remit was to understand GKN Automotive’s potential for delivering real and dynamic business growth through the identification of success factors linked to high performing teams. Capturing these in a ‘tool kit’ which enabled these to be replicated, adopted, and delivered across the business.

With GKN we introduced an “Appreciative Inquiry” approach, which was defined to engage groups of people in change efforts focusing on what is working well, rather than not working and recognising the efforts that people have made for positive outcomes. Our approach by coaching teams of professionals who typically don’t practice pausing and reflecting on what is going well – and so they often find it difficult to identify a process or routine that has become business as usual. This is an example of where Concentric as an external partner can really add value by asking detailed questions about what is driving the primary surface activity.

What we have learned when we look for what is wrong in a process or way of working, is there is some guesswork required when considering what is missing – or what shape the gap is. When we’re focused on what is working well and making a positive difference to performance – the guesswork is reduced – because people are describing it for themselves

The outcome was the delivery of a “Playbook” which essentially was a simple, practical, and user-friendly, toolkit which explains to everyone – whatever their contribution and role in the GKN business – the critical success factors that have been proven will continue to replicate success in a very tough but exciting marketplace.

Concentrics approach through identification of those differentiating actions which currently enabled GKN to deliver recent success in areas where they know customers have been delighted with the relationship and the engineering and commercial solutions delivered. The Playbook allowed this to be replicated at pace even further and ensured the extent of their engineering innovation and commercial collaboration was well established in all the GKN team’s interactions.

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