Concentric Business Plan – 2017

“Planning is key to any business throughout its life, every successful business reviews its business plan to ensure it continues to meet its needs”.

Concentric Business Plan

When we held a mirror up to ourselves after deciding to look at the future of the business we were surprised by the priority of the reasons the team landed on. Deciding to grow Concentric was not driven by financial incentives, although like all human beings we all recognised the value of reward for hard work. Our principle driver for growing the business it turns out is we actually enjoy the work we do and without exception the client teams we work with like who we are and the results Concentric deliver.

Having decided to invest in and grow the business we reinforced the positives in developing the people who work with us and for us to grow them as individuals and invest in their skills. We recognised the value this will bring to our offer and self-perpetuate business improvements.

So we have developed a business growth plan for 2017 which sets out our ambition of expanding the business by both increasing our consultant delivery offer and expanding our client base, enjoying delivering the skills and expertise we have developed working over the last 15 years.

For most SME’s it may not look like a favourable time to plan growth as the market could be unstable under the influence of Brexit [or not] the low oil price and despite the business tabloids lauding increased growth for the UK, Concentric’s prospects in the short- to medium-term will be in flux.

But we undertake most of our work in organisations that are in a state of flux, looking to work better, work more efficiently and build collaborative teams. So we are optimistic about the future because “nothing is more certain than change” and change well-managed will deliver real-time, embedded and positive outcomes for any organisations we work with.

If your current businesses drivers are in response to recessionary pressures, please get in touch as we can offer an alternative to the traditional cost and headcount reduction. We have the skill and experience to work with your teams to extract maximum efficiency from current management & working methodologies without a reduction in “quality”, management skill and business concentration.

Catalyst in the Concentric growth plan was a new website and rebranding with Andy & Lizzy at Decent Design, who have done a fantastic job in designing and launching this website.